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 Book Publishing Service


UMinho Editora is open to proposals for publishing by UMinho members and external authors, as well as to proposals for translation of international works. Authors who wish to publish their works should submit a summary of the work, with a maximum of 4 pages, accompanied by a form that is intended to evaluate the rationale of the proposal and the opportunity of its publication, particularly regarding its position in relation to other works in the same field. If the proposal is accepted, the author must prepare the original in accordance with the 'Instructions for Authors', and submit it for evaluation through the Open Monograph Press platform.​

The manuscript will be evaluated by two specialists of the corresponding area who will be designated by the Scientific and Editorial Board. The acceptance of the manuscript for publication will depend on the positive opinion of the evaluators, but the authors should make the modifications and corrections eventually suggested, being the final decision made by the Scientific and Editorial Board. Once a work has been approved for publication, the Editorial Office prepares the production plan, as well as the respective graphic design, in accordance with the specificities of each book and the collection in which it will be edited.​​​

The edition of a work will always be supported by a publishing contract between UMinho Editora and the respective author(s), or their legal representatives.
UMinho Editora will ensure a technical revision of the proofs, and the author of the work will be responsible for the full revision and proofreading, including the typographical proofs when applicable. UMinho Editora will seek external funding for the publication of printed works, and the authors are invited to participate in this process, indicating contacts and public or private entities that may be able to fund the printing and dissemination of the work to be edited.​

 New proposal for edition

If you are a researcher and have a work that you want to submit for consideration by UMinho Editora, you can find here the steps to send us a proposal for edition. You should prepare a document with a summary, of at most 4 A4 pages, on the subject of the work, methodology and background and fill in our Editing Proposal Form with the main characteristics of the book and send the document with the summary (question 5).

​If the Director of UMinho Editora finds the proposal relevant for publication, you will be asked to submit your manuscript and other components of the work, such as images and graphics, to the Open Monograph Press editorial management platform. For this process, it is necessary to register on the platform in the upper right corner. The work will then be submitted for evaluation by the Scientific and Editorial Board and later for external review by two experts in the subject area.

The entire editorial process will be managed through the UMinho E-books platform​.​

 Instructions to authors


The work, after being accepted for publication by the Director of UMinho Editora, should be submitted on the UMinho E-books platform, where it will be evaluated by the Scientific and Editorial Board and by two specialists in the area.  Once positive reviews have been provided for its publication, the process of pagination, proofreading and publication will begin.. The manuscript must be sent in an open editable format, such as DOCX, RTF, ODF or LaTeX, written with Arial or Calibri size 11, 1.5 spacing. All pages must have sequential page number, in Arabic numerals.

When submitting a work, it is necessary to insert in the platform, in addition to the manuscript, the name(s) of the author(s) (and ideally their ORCID), institutional affiliation, abstract up to 100 words in Portuguese and English and up to five key words in Portuguese and English.

Images, graphics and visual materials should be sent in tiff format with 300 dpi in color and submitted separately from the manuscript, assigning the correct type of object in the platform. The manuscript should include the exact location of the visual material and the correct correspondence, with the labels inserted in the text sequentially numbered.

Footnotes must be avoided. But if they are really necessary, they should be short and brief and inserted into the text using the footnote tool. Bibliographical references should be well structured and constructed according to the standard selected and/or approved at the editorial project. For more information on standards and how to construct your bibliographic references, please check this guide:​

Indexes must be authorized by UMinho Editora and it will be built by the authors. UMinho Editora will provide the layout document to help building the index, but is not responsible for this task.​​​​