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 Persistent Identifiers

UMinho Editora offers the service of assigning persistent digital identifiers (DOI - Digital Object Identifier) to academic and scientific journals from the University of Minho and its organic units.

A DOI is permanently assigned to an object to provide a persistent and resolvable link to an object in digital networks. The DOI  persistent identifiers ​​allow the unequivocal identification of a publication and its correct and clear referencing for dissemination purposes (bibliographic references, personal pages, curricula, research portals, etc...). In this way, even if the web address of the journal or the location of the publication changes, it is possible to keep the identifier up to date in order to always ensure the link to the publication. In addition to the advantage of identification and unequivocal persistence associated with publications, the metadata, such as the title, authors and abstracts, are also shared and available for the development of research services, indicators and metrics.​

To join the DOI service, please fill in the registration form​.​