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 Technical support to journal editors

Managing a scientific journal is a complex and time-consuming process, and with the constant changes in technology and in the practices and expectations of the scientific community and of science and research funding and evaluation bodies, journal editors are often faced with doubts and questions about how to manage their publication and the respective editorial process. UMinho Editora can support the editors of journals in clarifying doubts, recommending good practices and identifying relevant technologies, standards and guidelines. Contact us and send us your question, doubt or suggestion request, by phone or e-mail.​


 Training in editorial management and OJS and OMP software

 UMinho Editora uses the open source softwares Open Monograph Press (OMP) and Open Journal Systems (OJS) to publish its books and journals. If you want to obtain or reinforce knowledge about the management of the editorial process of books and journals using these software, you can request a training session.

In the future, UMinho Editora will organize training sessions that will be open to all interested parties.​


 Consulting and support for indexing and integration in aggregators and databases

Scientific journals are evaluated for their scientific quality, but also for their visibility and attractiveness to new authors from different institutions and nationalities. To increase the visibility and impact of scientific journals published at the University of Minho, UMinho Editora supports their integration into national and international databases and aggregators.

UMinho Editora also provides support and counselling services for the formal improvement of the journal with a view to its acceptance by the most renowned international databases, and also supports the journal's application to these general databases or to more specific databases in the area of knowledge in which they are published.