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 Journal Hosting Service

UMinho Editora is open to proposals for hosting of scientific or cultural journals, already published or to start publishing by different Organic Units of the University of Minho, which are interested in receiving the seal of UMinho Editora. The journals will preferably be published online, accordingly with open access policies, respecting all editorial criteria standardized by those responsible for the journals.

This service is offered on the Open Journal Systems platform, which allows to do the editorial management of scientific journals in an agile and effective way, following the good practices and trends on publication support  provided  by academic publishers all over the world. It includes support for the entire hosting process, from the configuration of the site, in order to meet the requirements of international databases, to the beginning of publication of the journals. The hosting platform enables the entire editorial management to be streamlined, starting with the submission of articles, including peer review, text revision and publication of volumes/articles. The service also includes continuous support in the configuration of the platform and support services and editorial helpdesk.​​


 Joining the Service

UMinho Editora's journal service is aimed at journals associated with the University of Minho and its organic units, of a scientific or cultural nature, new or existing, with a well-defined scope and that publish or intend to publish mostly scientific or academic articles and in open access.

To apply for this service, please fill in the following form. Applications will be evaluated by the Director and, if necessary, approved by the Editorial Board. In case of acceptance, the journal will be created and configured in the editorial management platform and, together with the editors of the journal, a layout for the site will be defined. A short training on the Open Journal Systems platform will be given to facilitate the initial use, and support will be provided whenever necessary and requested.

Subscription to the service implies signing  a Contract of publication of journals.​


 Hosted Journals

The following journals are currently hosted at UMinho editora: